Quotes I Live By

Many of us go through life due to life lessons but how can we put this in words. Well this is how I put them in words!

“Don’t stress. Everything will fall into place,”- Jameka Whitten CEO of JSW Media Group

Jameka Whitten- Talented, fun, and wonderful boss! She inspires me!

“Most successful people do not come from rich families but poor ones.”- Kelly Cutrone

I would be her number one fan lol

“You have to go through things like this in order to sit back and laugh about it”- Kelly Cutrone

“Us PR people don’t have time to go to bed early or sleep in, no we have to work.”- Kelly Cutrone

“Forget the brownie points. I want the brownie!”- My mentee Ashley Funderburk

Ashley Funderburk– My mentee who I am so proud of!

“Do you wake up in the morning thinking about this profession?….YES…”Ok then don’t let ANYONE tell you that you can’t do this job!”- Dr. Farmer

Dr. Farmer- The professor who saved my life!

“Success is not about how much money you make. Success is about how much you love doing it.”

“It is not the position where you are standing, but which direction your going.”

“I see you doing really big things!”- Lucky

“We are not just Co-Workers, but we are Family!”–JSW Team

JSW Team minus one (Lucky)

These are just some of the quotes I live by when it comes to my profession. What are yours?


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